MRSM Magnetic Linear Encoder MRSM增量式直線式編碼器

Magnetic Ring Encoder

MRSM Magnetic Linear Encoder

  • Contact-free detects speed and position.
  • Max. rpm up to 20000 rpm (standard 12000 rpm)
  • Standard output: TTL (RS422 line driver) 1024ppr, 0~350 KHZ Response.
  • Available to use in the harsh environment, with high protection level (IP 67).
  • Easy mounting and maintain small size scanning head.


Speed ​​and position control for high-speed spindles, motors, CNC machines


Item \ Type TTL
Voltage 5V
Output Signal RS 422 A
Frequency Response 0~350 KHZ
Sensing Distance 0.2 ± 0.1 mm
Pulse Per Revolution 1024


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